Dear Host Family,

First of all I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend one year in the USA. It's been one of my biggest dreams to do an exchange year for about 2 years. In the following letter I want to tell you something about me, my family and friends, my school, my hobbys, my home and things like that.

I'm Sarah and fifteen years old. I live in a village named Ahlhorn. That's in North- West Germany near Hamburg. Ahlhorn has about 6000 habitants. My school, the Dietrich- Bonhoeffer- Gymnasium is also in Ahlhorn so i can ride to school by bike everyday. My favourite subjects are english, music, history and sports. Subjects I don't really like are maths and physics. My school is a small and very personal school where everyone knows each other.

Now I'm going to tell you something about my family. We, that is my mother, my father, my sister, my grandma and me are living in a house with garden.Our house has two flats, so my grandma lives in the lower flat and we are living in the upper flat. My father's name is Hans-Willi(52), my mothers name is Rena(47). My father has it's own business. He works as a painter and varnisher master. My mother is a qualified office employee in my fathers business. My grandma is called Magda(77) and my sister's name is Kim(12). She is a student. I also have a tall sister, her name is Ina(24) and she is a collegian but she doesn't live at home anymore. She's living 40 kilometers away from my hometown with her husband Maik(30), who is a tiler and their two children Luca(4) and Leon(2). Our relationship to each other is very good and we can count on each other everytime. We have a lot of fun together but we can talk about serious things as well. We don't have arguments very often for luck.

On a typical weekday I wake up at 6:30am. Then I get ready for school that starts at 7:30. On fridays I have school for 6 hours. On the other days i have school for 8 hours. After school I have lunch with my mother and my sister while my father is at work. Then I watch TV and do my homeworks until i go to sports. After sports my family and me are having dinner. Then I do something for school, call my friends or something like that. I go to bed at 10pm.

On a typical day at the weekend I like to sleep long but because I often have soccer games it's not possible for me to sleep long very often. After the soccer game I like to hang out with my friends and do something funny together. I also like sleepovers with my friends. Then we watch movies, eat pizza and talk and laugh together.

In my freetime i prefer doing sports. I'm in a soccer club for about 3 years. I also do gymnastics and other ball sports in a club. I enjoy meeting my friends and go shopping with them, to the movies or just hang out together at home, too. We always have fun together whatever we do.
I love acting, singing and dancing as well and that's the reason why I attend a musical school. In novembre I will play my first role in a musical named “Annie und die Gezeichneten“. I'm going to play one of Hercules' four muses. I'm so looking forward to that.
I like taking pictures and reading english books. For me it is more interesting to read english books because I can also learn something by reading it. The books I like most are by Nicholas Sparks. I'm fond of traveling other countrys. I've been to France, Poland, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark and California. It's always interesting for me to get to know other cultures and new people. I'd say I'm a open minded, spontaneous and swinging girl, who's always interested in new things. But I'm also a bit untidy and sometimes a little pessimistic.
My wish for my future is having a house, a job, a husband and children. I don't really have an exactly idea what job I want to do in my future but because I like children I could imagine working with them for good. I'm sure I don't want to work in an office because I want to do an more active job. This summer I did a practicum as an occupational therapist for kids and adults and I really enjoyed it, so this is one job i can very well imagine to do.

The reason why I really want to do my exchange year in the USA is that I've heard so many positive things about the US. I talked to a lot of students who did an exchange year in the USA and they all were enthusiastic. People say I'm open minded and easygoing and that's what I've heard of American people, too. I'm very interested in getting to know another culture and to meet new people. It's also a chance to improve my english. It'll be a tempting experience to live with another family- your family. You see many things about the US in the Tv or in movies. I want to see if things we watch there are close to reality. Another reason is attending a real american Highschool. I want to experience the popular school spirit, that is known all over the world. I spent this summer in California with my best friend and so i could have an impression of american people and the american culture and I'm absolutely impressed! As a girl I'm also looking forward to homecoming and Prom of course. I've seen so many things in movies about these events.
I'd also like to bring you my culture and lifestyle close. Maybe I can cook a german meal for you or something like that. I will tell you about my life in germany, about german people, how school works in germany and so on.

I thank you again for giving me the possibility to live in the USA with your family and for fulfilling my biggest dream.